Post Millennial Work

I’m happy for Silverchair’s having a new single. It sounds much different than their pre-millennial work even if they did have an anthem for the year 2000.



This video reminds me of my favorite music video.

does anyone else see the robocop references?

I think this one must have something to do with Fareneit 451… or something deep

We’re Off! almost

Well thanks to Brandon and a few youtube faqs the major kinks are ironed out for my music journal as such. I really stopped listening to music recreationally for a few years or so [translation: my soul had gone deaf {realization: I died inside}]. Around the time I started songwriting again with Brandon I really delved into groups like Modest Mouse, Regina Spektor, Kate Nash, all allowing me the freedom to think openly about the songs I would write and be more reckless with the soundscape they could occupy. Kate Nash and to some extent Regina Spektor, soothing minimalism. “It’s okay to play two chords on the guitar and one line on the piano.” Modest Mouse on the other hand, handing you the keys to the corvette. The songs would wreak chaos and upheaval on the most civilized dinner party and if left to its own devices would drive the most centered individual down a spiral of agitated paranoia but they also make this off-centered listener feel completely normal in comparison to the oddity streaming through his headphones.

I became even more inspired when I watched Once. Both Irish and Oscar winning – two thumbs, congrats. The lead characters focus and full hearted devotion to a melody was jaw dropping. It made me forget and relearn anything I thought I understood about sitting down to write a song.

Now that Viva La Vida has broken sweet, sweet wind on the vinyl seats of air waves everywhere I think I’m going to do some thinking, possibly climb the mountains of Nepal, forsake my posessions and live as a yak herder, or school teacher; to be decided. I’m making some changes… Yes, Viva La Vida changed my life – altered forever. Those thirty seconds of Coldplay on tv last night and earlier two nights ago coupled with the most awe inspiring, liberative artwork I’ve ever seen resulted in an experience that can only be described as very upsetting for me. It’s altogether obscene how beautiful that art and that music coalesced with iTunes and Steve Jobs – a visually and sonically magnificent billboard in neon colors to cast light on our every flaw and musical shortcoming whilst at the same time inspiring us to new heights of spiritual perspective, and at the same time making us want to buy a mac. Awesome.

if you dare

Well I’m excited that things have come this far. Once I recover from hearing Coldplay’s new work I should feel much better about things. For now I’m going to recap songs and bands I’ve heard so Brandon and I can catch up unto the same page. Feel free to leave discussion and suggestions on music you hear here.