Old Music

Five years ago I saw The Polyphonic Spree for the first time on a late night MTV2 show called Subterranean. I didn’t know anything about their sound but everywhere I turned henceforth I was reading or hearing something about them, a newspaper article about their ridiculous dry cleaning bills and sharing of cramped quarters on their tour bus. This is because the entire 20-some troupe wear robes and one person takes a turn sleeping on the floor of the tour bus. A friend in Ireland the next week told me he was excited to see this strange band but was sure I’d never heard of them. For those who haven’t heard them however – imagine your high school band/choir field trip getting hopelessly lost, forming a commune and touring the world.

They appeared for a few novel seconds during the MTV music awards. It was aggravating that I was seeing, reading, and hearing so much about this group without hearing their music so I stretched my pizza chef budget a little thinner and bought their EP and full album that week, the first music I’d purchased in months. I still listen occaisionally. I don’t see news of them anymore but my scope of what I thought possible was stretched wider by their bravery in oddity.

Facilitated by ipods at school, emails at work, google searches and channel surfing at home, cd’s swapping with friends and the occasional sublime movie soundtrack, we’re moved by and reminded by great music.


One thought on “Old Music

  1. I am moved by The Cars.

    by the Beauty & The Beast soundtrack.

    by Bread.

    by Billy Joel’s “Downeaster Alexa.”

    by Wings.

    but mostly by David Evans & Paul Hewson, Adam Clayton & Larry Mullen, Jr.

    We’re kindred in the kind of way that’s okay for people who date, Matt!

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