Yael Naim

       Frustrated to find out, yet again my music preference has either preceded or more likely been subconsciously influenced by a commercial of the Steve Jobs franchise. I thought I heard this first on early morning MTV2 but realized when searching the singer on youtube that it was actually the commercial for Macbook Air. Forging ahead, I really enjoy Yael Naim’s “Paris.” She sings of her birthplace in Israeli which can be off-putting at first – so many different consonants than we’re used to. That has been the only barrier to delving into all of the songs on Naim’s self titled CD, getting a little lost in the dialect. But while “New Soul” is brave and campy, and “Paris” is fittingly romantic, “7 Baboker” is a mysterious lullaby I couldn’t draw myself away from.


See for yourself:


New Soul

7 Baboker


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