Emiliana Torrini

If you did not obsess over that first ever Joni Mitchell album, never included Norah Jones, Regina Spektor, or Imogen Heap among your iTunes or Songbird playlists, and didn’t like Beowulf than it’s possible you might be less inclined to listen to Emiliana Torrini. Unfortunately, you would be missing out. While mystical and other-worldly she retains the qualities of an earthy folk singer and knows how to stand alone as a vocalist.

Side Note: She was selected to sing “Gollum’s Song” during the closing credits of The Two Towers and delivered such eeriness as to stick with you long after leaving the theatre. Her voice’s Scandinavian qualities befitted the tone and setting of what I consider the best of the three Fellowship movies. Tolkein himself together with his college friend C.S. Lewis would’ve have appreciated the contribution considering their obsession with Nordic mythology and music. If she were to contribute to another movie soundtrack I think Zac Braff, Will Ferrell, and or Woody Allen would be involved.

Torrini lends such tangible ache that I had only attributed to Irish music before hearing her album, Fisherman’s Woman. She weaves tapestries of sparse instrumentation and rare harmonies, leading the listener on by her voice to hypnotizing effects. Despite such titles as Sunnyroad, Today Has Been Okay, and Nothing Brings Me Down one can’t avoid the furtive and yearning melodies that will lurk through the album giving way to some daylight ironically during a song called Heartstopper.

I suggest Next Time Around for a first listen based on its balance of light and dark tones, its explorative melody and anchoring piano chording. It presents a bit firmer ground for the listener to stand on but if you’re looking for mystery you’ll enjoy getting lost in the rest of Fisherman’s Woman.


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