Company of Thieves

     The alubm listens like a science experiment! – all tinkering and bubbling. It’s quite interesting but clearly an experimental collection put forth by the band. 

     The album Ordinary Riches is similar to both but likens more to Arcade Fire’s “Neon Bible” than The Kook’s “Konk”, more liberal and unwieldy.  It all seems to coalesce in Oscar Wilde though. I would think the band creatively adrift if not willingly aimless if not for the last track. It makes one appreciate their odder qualities that finally shine. Creative voicings on the guitar make for a jangly opening, intricate guitar work that lays a dynamic springboard for a fierce vocalist.

     Do they work with a producer? Will they choose to or work with a different one the next time around? A change could lead to more focus and cohesion to the substance they’ve displayed thus far. This first album in the writer’s opinion is palpably rough around the edges but doesn’t doubt the volitility of such a daring band at a live setting. I would see them in a craigslist second.


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