New Music

Among the hours and weeks probably I waste watching TV, what could be a bigger waste than watching MTV? Not to say I haven’t spent entire perfect-weather summer days watching The Gauntlet marathons. I found out about celebrity play-lists on iTunes and “People” magazine polls from my fiance’. I  usually do a periodic Google search for top 20 UK and US artists. And yet lately when I have scanned through the half-dozen MTV channels lately I have happened upon one group I’m amused with and one artist I really LOVE.

Liam Finn is of interest. I was sitting down to eat and there he was. His video kept my attention but I’ve like and continued to listen to his track Second Chance.  Kate Nash… AMAZING. I wasn’t sure if I would like the rest of her album when I first saw the Foundations video, another angsty British girl likely, but I loved it. I downloaded everything I could find before I went to Chicago with Ashley. I convinced her to listen to it one morning on the subway, cringing waiting for the condescension and disapproval of the latest manifestation of my b-typical masculinity. From then on it was all we listened to whether waiting for the bus, circling the L, or in scurrying from the cold in-between. We both fell in love with it.

Share some of the music you’ve found recently.


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